The Bike Park is for the exclusive use of Agriturismo Pimpinnacolo customers, upon signing the Risk Acceptance Document. 
    The Bike Park can only be used during daylight hours, from 9:00 am to half an hour before sunset, but in any case, never after 8:00 pm.
    The Bike Park installations feature various tracks with changing slopes consisting of humps, parabolic curves, balance training sections, and other obstacles and difficulties of various types. The facilities, The facilities, although built by professionals according to the best known practices, are designed to simulate the conditions and difficulties encountered on mountain trails, countryside, etc. Furthermore, they are not subject to any particular maintenance interventions and must therefore be considered “naturally” imperfect.
    The use of the facilities therefore requires the users to possess technical skills and adequate preparation; users access the facilities under their own exclusive responsibility, aware of the risks associated with the activity they are undertaking.
    Monte Argentario Società Agricola ARL, as well as its shareholders, directors, employees and collaborators, are NOT responsible for any accident caused by users of the track to themselves, to third parties or to property within the context of the free and conscious recreational/sporting activity carried out within the facilities and due, by way of example only, to failures or imperfections of the facilities, lack of personal protective equipment of the users, the use of unsuitable or poorly maintained equipment, and/or improper and negligent use of the facilities and/or not in accordance with the prescriptions of these regulations and/or the lack of the necessary technical skills on the part of the users and/or for their reckless behavior.
    Like any sporting activity, the activity carried out in the Bike Park may involve risks of accidents, as cycling is an activity that involves dangers that can cause injury.
    Users therefore accept these risks, consciously and freely, thereby releasing the owners, administrators, representatives and collaborators from any liability.
    Furthermore, Monte Argentario Società Agricola ARL will ascertain the responsibility for any damage to the structural elements of the facilities caused by incorrect, negligent or intenti0.onal behavior and will demand compensation for the expenses that will have to be incurred for the restoration.
    In order to limit the damage caused by possible accidents, it is mandatory for all users to wear a rigid, certified protective helmet and the use of shock-absorbing protections for the other body parts is strongly recommended.
    The vehicle used must be in perfect working order and equipped with all safety accessories.
    It is mandatory to check the correct functioning of the brakes and the integrity and pressure of the tires before accessing the facilities.
    Those who access the Bike Park must be in good health and physically fit for sporting activity. Under no circumstances should any user be under the influence of drugs, alcohol and/or medications that may affect their psycho-physical abilities.
  5. ACCESS AND PROHIBITIONS It is forbidden to use the structures in case of ice, snow, rain or wet paths. Access to the Flow Line and Skill Park is only allowed to users with bicycles, access to the Pump Track is also allowed to handbikes and the like.Children up to 10 years old can only access if accompanied and directly monitored by a parent or guardian. The accompanying person must remain outside the tracks for the entire duration of use and stay of the child inside the Bike Park. The accompanying person will be fully responsible for the child’s behavior and any damage that he/she may cause to him/herself or others. Parents (or guardians) are advised to make “common sense” assessments of the technical ability of the children who access the facilities.No one should access the Bike Park by him/herself; users shall always access the rides at least in the company of another rider or by-stander effectively implementing a “buddy system”, or a reciprocal safety monitoring in case of need. It is mandatory to maintain an adequate safety distance between users and a relative commensurate speed in all the facilities of the Bike Park. Before accessing the facilities, each user must therefore wait their turn, verifying that:
    • The number of users simultaneously present on the Pump Track shall never be more than 3 persons and with distances never less than 15m from each other;
    • The distances between users of the Flow Line and the Skill Track shall never be less than 30m from each other.
    • Before accessing the Bike Park, it is necessary to ensure that you have the needed technical riding skills and equipment in the best conditions to safely ride the tracks and not endanger yourself or others. Access to the Bike Park is only allowed with a helmet and only with vehicles equipped with sculpted tires.Pedestrians, animals and motorized vehicles are prohibited from entering the facilities.The starts of the tracks are identified by the start signs; it is therefore mandatory to enter the routes only from the aforementioned starting points indicated by the appropriate signs, following the one-way traffic directions and giving priority to those who are already inside the tracks themselves. It is forbidden to leave the tracks, except in cases of emergency, outside the signaled locations. It is forbidden to modify the paths and insert other obstacles. Competitions are prohibited except for specific events organized by the Ownership or otherwise formally authorized. It is forbidden to stop inside the tracks and/or in their immediate vicinity.It is forbidden to access the Bike Park at night or in poor lighting conditions. It is recommended to use the track with clean and mud-free tires.
    To guarantee hygiene and protect decorum, users of the Bike Park are mandated to dispose of waste in the appropriate containers in the surrounding areas. It is also forbidden to leave any type of waste on the ground throughout the area. It is furthermore forbidden to bring glass bottles, alcohol or drugs inside the Bike Park..
    All Bike Park users must sign the waiver before they can access the facilities. This waiver can be signed either from a smartphone by scanning the QR Code present in Article 1 these regulations and following the website instructions or by signing the paper form at the Reception of the Agriturismo.
    It is also advisable to have an insurance policy. It is possible to take out a daily, monthly or yearly insurance with Yolo by connecting to the website (Nb: the insurance is only valid two hours after payment, but registration is quick and easy).
    The areas dedicated to bicycle maintenance, in particular the workshop and washing areas, like the rest of the facility, can be used autonomously by Bike Park users, under their own exclusive responsibility.
    In this case also, Monte Argentario Società Agricola ARL, as well as its members, directors, employees and collaborators, are NOT responsible for any accident caused by users to themselves, to third parties or to property during maintenance and/or washing operations
    The tools found inside the workshop areas are not subject to any quality control or proper functioning order by the Bike Park managers. Consequently, any malfunctions caused by the use of the tools present there cannot in any way be attributed to Monte Argentario Società Agricola ARL, its members, directors, employees and collaborators.
    In case of serious accident or injury immediately call the Emergency line at the number: 112 or 118.Please note that the nearest hospital is the Ospedale San Giovanni Di Dio located on the Lungolago Dei Pescatori in Orbetello; driving there, usually takes anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on traffic.
    Please notify any Agriturismo Pimpinnacolo staff member in case of lost items. Similarly, please bring any found item to a staff member or directly at the Reception.
    Please respect the environment in any possible way. These surroundings are portions of century old olive groves that are carefully tended for by our staff and partners to produce high quality organic extra virgin olive oil. Do not damage the plants. Also, please respect our neighbors. Do not venture away from the signaled paths, do not loiter and refrain from shouting, screaming or adopting a disorderly behavior.
    Please respect other people’s privacy when taking photographs or video recordings. Please refrain from taking photographs and video footage of our neighbors’ homes and gardens.
    The Property, or its beneficiaries or assignees reserve the right to restrict use of and/or close the Bike Park or any parts thereof at any time and for any reason, at their sole and unappealable discretion. The Property further reserves the right to remove from the premises any users who do not comply with these rules and/or who do not conduct themselves in accordance with good civic standards or contrary to the safety instructions of the Bike Park facilities.The Bike Park is not supervised.
    For any questions or concerns please email us at or call our reception line at +39 331 150 6195.